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Canadian Map Makers to develop website and perform cartography for Pink Mountain environmental project.

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Welcome to Canadian Map Makers!

Canadian Map Makers make and design maps of all types – everything from small location maps through to large and complex topographical maps for outdoor recreation use. We create maps for both print media and electronic media, and will customize designs for your particular needs. If your projects require data that is not currently available we can digitize features from satellite data, or collect feature data on the ground using GPS equipment.

 We offer a “one stop shop”, meaning that we can help integrate your electronic maps into your website, or handle the logistics of local or off-shore printing. Our expertise also includes graphic design, so we can also add other elements to your map design, transforming the base map into an information pamphlet, tourist guide, or any other end product you can imagine. So contact us now, to see what we can do for you.