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Canadian Map Makers to develop website and perform cartography for Pink Mountain environmental project.

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About Us

Canadian Map Makers is owned and operated by Steve Chapman. Steve has always had a passion for maps, stemming from his lifelong active participation in outdoor sports such as hiking, mountaineering, kayaking and skiing. He gained his map making experience at Virtual Outdoor Adventures, where he wasSteve Chapman the sole architect of the entire map-based product line. In taking the products to market, Steve has gained expertise in cartography, graphic design, website design, GIS data processing and the collection of field data using GPS equipment.


More recently, Steve’s work at Carbon Credit Corporation saw him responsible for the digitising of satellite data and performing qualitative/quantitative QA work on the aggregated GIS data.


Canadian Map Makers was formed in early 2013 with a mission to provide one stop cartography/GIS services to North American customers with needs for custom designed map based products. We strive for excellence, pay attention to detail and aim to provide total satisfaction with your finished products. We offer you a personal and friendly service and will work closely with you throughout the whole design process, from the definition of requirements though to the delivery of a completed quality end product