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Canadian Map Makers to develop website and perform cartography for Pink Mountain environmental project.

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Pink Mountain Project

Pink Mountain is situated in Northern BC approximately 120 miles NW of Fort St John. The mountain is named after the pinkish burnt rock seams which it is locally famed for, and part of the mountain has been designated with provincial park status. The mountain boasts a mix of rare and threatened fauna and flora, including very rare alpine plants and arctic butterflies. It is also a notable palaeontological site, containing impressive examples of large marine fossils.

Pink Mountain's pristine wilderness is currently under threat by a by a large wind farm development. The large concrete footprint for this proposed development and accompanying disruption by construction activity present a significant threat to this area and it's rare species. Canadian Map Makers has been selected to create the website which will become the focus of the environmental campaign to protect this area. We will also be mapping this area, creating accurate maps that represent the different areas of the mountain and the flora and fauna contained in those areas. We are hoping that Canadian Map Makers will play a key roll in saving this important area!