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Canadian Map Makers to develop website and perform cartography for Pink Mountain environmental project.

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Standard Map Design Packages

For anything you may need that comes under our broad umbrella of services we look forward to talking with you to determine your exact requirements, create a detailed project proposal and provide you with a price quotation and timeframe for the completion of the project.

In the mapping world, every project is different, having its own unique set of requirements, design challenges, deadlines and budget constraints, so a standard product does not always fit the bill. The list below provides examples of the type of products we can create, and serves as a good starting point for determining your exact requirements.


Direction Maps (Weddings and other special events)

Direction Maps - Weddings Special EventsMore details to follow!





Trail Running and Orienteering Event Maps

Orienteering and Trail Running MapsMore details to follow!





Maps for Road Races (Running and Walking)

Road Race MapsMore details to follow!





Outdoor Event Maps

Outdoor Event MapsMore details to follow!





Information Boards

Information boardsMore details to follow!




Tourist Maps for Cities and Tourist Attractions

Tourist Map - example not Canadian Map Makers workMore details to follow!





Tourist Leaflets and Flyers

Tourist Leaflets anf Flyers - examples not Canadian Map Makers workMore details to follow!





Location Maps

Location Map - example not Canadian Map Makers workMore details to follow!





Outdoor Recreation Maps

Outdoor Recreation MapsMore details to follow!





Map sets for Guidebooks and Travel Guides

Guidebook Maps - example not Canadian Map Makers workMore details to follow!






Transport System Maps

Transport System MapsMore details to follow!





Travel Maps

Travel Maps - example not by Canadian Map MakersMore details to follow!





Local Amenity Maps

Local Amenity Maps - Mundy Park CoquitlamMore details to follow!







Wall Maps and Trip Souvenirs

Poster sized map created for EcomarineMore details to follow!





Interactive Web Maps

Interactive guide of cycling around VancouverMore details to follow!





Presentation Maps

Presentation MapsMore details to follow!