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Canadian Map Makers to develop website and perform cartography for Pink Mountain environmental project.

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Event Maps

Organizing an event and need a special map for that event? Canadian Map Makers will create that special event map for you.

Not only can we create the artwork, we will also collect route data (GPS route coordinates, photographs, descriptions) on the ground for inclusion in your final stylized design. If the map is justExamples of running event maps - not Canadian Map Makers work part of the required artwork - no problem. We can incorporate other design elements with the map to create “ready to go” pamphlets, guides and invitations. The completed artwork delivered to you can be optimized for print, digital media, or both. We can arrange for printing to be done locally, or in the case of larger quantities, overseas. Custom made event maps offer many advantages over maps (such as Google) that can be obtained freely over the internet. They do not infringe any copyright laws, they can be made to look much nicer, can be simplified or embellished for greater clarity, can have custom elements such as photos or directional arrows added and can be stylized to match the branding of the rest of the design. Additionally, other extras such as GPS coordinates can be added into the product mix. The types of event maps we can do include:


  • Direction maps for weddings or other venue hosted social gatherings. 
  • Route maps for cross country orienteering events. 
  • Route maps for cross country trail-running races. 
  • Route maps for road running races. 
  • Custom maps for other outdoor sporting events. 
  • Layout maps for outdoor events and venues (e.g. fairs, concerts, large sporting meets, campgrounds)

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