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Canadian Map Makers to develop website and perform cartography for Pink Mountain environmental project.

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Promotional Maps

If you are looking for a map to put outside to guide visitors, or looking to create a free map to give to tourists, then Canadian Map Makers has the capability to combine your custom made map with other information to create a variety of end products:


Information Boards:

Example of Information Board - Not Canadian Map Makers workOur maps can be designed with a high level of detail, allowing them to be printed at a very large size, and to be used as outdoor information boards. Sponsor messages and additional information can be easily added as required.








Tourist Maps:

Example of Tourist Map - Not Canadian Map Makers workExample of Tourist Map - Not Canadian Map Makers workWe can create fold up maps for small towns or city centres, with an option of putting sponsor messages around the outside to help with printing and design costs. Going down to a building level, certain attractions can be highlighted and promoted.



Guides, Leaflets, Posters, Flyers and Business Cards:

Example of leaflet containing map - not Canadian Map Makers workExamples of leaflets containing map - not Canadian Map Makers workCanadian Map Makers can incorporate its maps into any of these product types and complete the entire artwork. We can even design the artwork if the design does not have an integrated map!




Location Maps:

If your business requires a location map (online or on promotional materials), then we can create attractive looking location maps that stand well above (in quality) the usual “copy and paste” versions derived from online maps such as Google. Customisation and application of company branding will make your location maps a cut above the rest.