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Canadian Map Makers to develop website and perform cartography for Pink Mountain environmental project.

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GIS Services

If you are looking to acquire new GIS data or want your current GIS data converted into another format, Canadian Map Makers provides various GIS processing services, as listed below:


Field data collection (GPS data, photos, descriptions, etc.):

Running to collect GPS trail data

We can run or hike trails collecting data as we go, for later incorporation into your map design.





Grooming of field data:

Google Earth data processingUsing our proprietary software tools and satellite imagery, we can smooth out field collected GPS data into a form which is both visually appealing and spatially accurate.




Conversion between different GIS formats:

GIS data processing gpx kml kmzUsing our software tools, we can convert between most commonly used GIS file types (.gpx, .kml, .kmz, shape, etc).





Conversion of raw GIS data into a publishable format:

pdf map generated from GIS dataWe can take a GIS dataset and convert this into an Adobe Illustrator file, pdf file or even a bitmap image.




Conversion of pixel based maps into vector based maps:

Pixel to vector conversionWe can significantly improve the quality of bitmap based images by doing a full conversion into vector (Adobe Illustrator) format. Old scanned maps can benefit greatly from this conversion, and then be geo-referenced and further improved after the conversion process.




We can take satellite imagery and convert ground features into GIS layers and into a publishable format.


Creation of overlay layers for Google Earth:

Google Earth overlay generationWe can create custom Google Earth Overlay Layers, depicting any number of different features (e.g. trails, points of interest, park boundaries, land development proposals etc.).